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Do You Have Time To Do 100 BRE Meetings A Year?

June Product of Month: Create More Time By Outsourcing BRE

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Chad Chancellor Details This New Service In 7-Minute Video


  • Next Move Group will conduct zooms with 100 of your existing businesses.
  • Plus, Next Move Group will send surveys to every business in your community with a business license or Chamber membership.


  • 2 Primary Methods: Micro and Macro
    • We will conduct 100 zooms with existing businesses in your community to identify expansion and/or retention opportunities (Micro).
    • We will send a survey monkeys to every email address with a business license or Chamber membership in the community to track trends at the Macro level. (Macro) 


  • 100 zooms within 12 months.
  • Plus, survey monkeys sent to every email address with a business license or Chamber membership in the community within 3 months.
  • Immediate reporting when we find a company with immediate expansion possibilities.
  • Monthly reporting of findings including the businesses we found to be most at risk and those with the best potential to expand.


  • 100% Online, when we find an expansion/retention opportunity we will immediately work to set you or your staff an in-person meeting asap.


  • Outsourcing makes sense in the private sector, so why not outsource your BRE?  Next Move Group has grown 40% three years in a row since we started outsourcing our sales and marketing work, so we are proof it works.
  • Often, your local business might not be totally honest with you about their business for fear of confidentiality or political pressure, so outsourcing can likely get you more BRE opportunities.
  • Because we also do site selection, we know how to speak the language of business and will ask the questions to quickly find opportunities or risks.
  • Our staff has 2 Oklahoma University Economic Development Institute Graduates, a Southern Miss University Master’s of Economic Development Graduate, and experience running 4 local EDOs as CEOs.
  • Lastly and most importantly, you likely don’t have 100 large industries in your community meaning we will have time to interview many of your small businesses who often feel left out of the process.

Outsource 100 BRE Zooms/Year + Survey Every Business In Your Community To Spot Macro Trends. $3,275/Month.