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Our Cause To Help Pay For Travel Costs Via "Lane's Flight" Travel Fund

5-Minute video of Chad Chancellor detailing the Lane’s Flight Travel Fund for cancer related clinical trials in honor of Lane Chancellor

Travel Fund

Powered By Lane’s Flight

Travel Fund

Powered By Lane’s Flight

First 2 Children/Young Adolescents Helped with the Lane's Flight Travel Fund

  • 15-year old fighting blood cancer on trial in Atlanta
  • 7-year old with a blood cancer relapse traveling to Philadelphia for a CAR T trial.

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Let Us Know If You Know Someone Up To Age 25 Having To Travel For A Cancer Related Clinical Trial

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Lane's Flight Travel Fund

Lane Chancellor, a resident of Mississippi and a trained pilot was diagnosed in March, 2023 with a rare cancer called NUT Midline Carcinoma. Immediately following diagnosis, Lane was accepted into a clinical trial at MD Anderson Cancer Center, located in Houston, Texas.

He was required to spend weeks at a time in Houston for treatment. While putting his dreams on hold, Lane and his mother had to temporarily relocate to Houston for his intense treatment plan. Thanks to the generosity of his friends, family and even strangers, the family was able to offset costs for some of Lane’s needs, such as temporary housing, food, and travel expenses.

Unfortunately, on August 1, 2023 Lane lost his battle with cancer. Before his death, Lane asked his family to continue to help other families whose children and young adult children are diagnosed with cancer, by providing them with a travel fund, specifically to help offset fees associated with travel for clinical trials.

Lane’s fight is over, but Lane’s Flight was born, to honor his wish of helping others while remembering his love for being a pilot. Rally Foundation Travel Fund powered by Lane’s Flight exists to offset expenses such as room, board and travel, associated with cancer patients age birth to 25 years who have been accepted into clinical trials that requires travel.

Funding Details:

  • Support for one patient has an annual
    (12-month calendar year) cap of $5000
  • Funds will be used to cover travel costs associated with travel for a clinical trial. Such travel costs include: airfare, gas for driving, and lodging/apartment rent costs.
  • The Rally Fund Travel Fund powered by Lane’s Flight is a grant with limited funds. Once these funds are exhausted, it is expected that it will be renewed the next grant cycle.

Patient Requirements:

  • Been accepted into a clinical trial.
  • Not be over 25 years old at the time of application.
  • Submit a completed application through a social worker or hospital representative.

Application Requirements:

  • The hospital representative must apply  on behalf of the family and complete all  sections of the form.
  • Please contact Marla Jendzurski at with any questions.

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