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What You Will Learn:

  • Fundamentals of Managing an Economic Development Organization
    • How to implement outcome-based management and performance metrices
      • Build a 5-tiered approach:
        • Jobs/Payroll
        • Capital Investment
        • Financial Performance of the Organization
        • Organizational Development
        • Stakeholder Partnerships
    • How to manage conflict and develop a statement of ethics
    • What are the core competencies of an EDO
      • New business recruitment
      • BRE
        • Survey Method
        • Continuous Relationship Method
      • Workforce Development
        • Recruit, Screen, Train
      • Infrastructure Development
      • Real Estate Development
      • Governmental Affairs
      • Mapping Your Assets
      • Strategic Planning
      • Small Business Development
    • How to work with board/elected officials/stakeholders
      • How to orient new board members
      • What can elected officials focus on to drive economic development
    • Similarities and difference between managing a chamber and an EDO

Minimum of 4 New Pieces of Content Added per Month

  • ED 101 Training for Economic Development Board Members
  • 5-Part Staff Training Series
  • Build a Machinelike Program to Land Manufacturing Plants in Small to Mid-Sized Communities
  • Fundraising 101
  • Role Credit Checks Play in Getting a Job
  • Utilize Online Freelancers to Boost Productivity
  • Utility Capacities Needed to Win Targeted Industries
  • 3 Meetings & 8 Steps to Learn to Market Your Labor Force
  • How Can States & Utilities Help Their Rural Communities Land More Deals
  • Public Speaking Tips
  • Managing Millennials with Technology
  • Maximize your ROI When Putting On Fam Tours
  • Top-12 Mistakes to Avoid During an Interview
  • How to Handle a Meal Interview
  • Dealing with Executive Search Firms
  • What to do if you Get Fired?
  • Build Momentum Your First 90 Days on a Job
  • Continuing Education Options for Economic Developers
  • Find the Individual Salaries of Economic Developers Online
  • Keys to a Winning Economic Development Resume
  • Dramatically Increase Your Pay with this Proven Method
  • Typical Terms & Compensation in an Economic Developer's Contract
  • 14 Mistakes to Avoid Once Offered a Job
  • Acing a Video Interview
  • Online Marketing Course 1: Turing Your Current Web Traffic Into Leads
  • Online Marketing Course 2: Podcasting to Generate Prospects & Communicate with Local Stakeholders
  • Online Marketing Course 3: Increase Traffic to Your Website
  • Online Marketing Course 4: LinkedIn Marketing
  • Online Marketing Course 5: Sample Online Marketing Budgets
  • Reshore 1: Find What is Being Imported to Your Town From China
  • Reshore 2: Obtain a List of Companies to Target
  • Reshore 3: Email Marketing to Prospects
  • What's In the New Infrastructure Bill?
  • Plus Many More!

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Join Monthly Membership now and receive access to this video plus new content every Tuesday
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