Managing EDOs


What You Will Learn:

  • Fundamentals of Managing an Economic Development Organization
    • How to implement outcome-based management and performance metrices
      • Build a 5-tiered approach:
        • Jobs/Payroll
        • Capital Investment
        • Financial Performance of the Organization
        • Organizational Development
        • Stakeholder Partnerships
    • How to manage conflict and develop a statement of ethics
    • What are the core competencies of an EDO
      • New business recruitment
      • BRE
        • Survey Method
        • Continuous Relationship Method
      • Workforce Development
        • Recruit, Screen, Train
      • Infrastructure Development
      • Real Estate Development
      • Governmental Affairs
      • Mapping Your Assets
      • Strategic Planning
      • Small Business Development
    • How to work with board/elected officials/stakeholders
      • How to orient new board members
      • What can elected officials focus on to drive economic development
    • Similarities and difference between managing a chamber and an EDO