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Economic Development Week Sale

7-Part Staff Training Course

Sale is Available from Monday, May 8th, until Friday, May 12th

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What Is It? 

We put together this 7-part series to help economic developers train and orient their staff members on the economic development profession because we know most economic developers don’t have hundreds of hours to devote to properly training staff members on our industry.

7-Part Series (Each Video also comes with an Audio File and Slideshow):

1. Introduction to Economic Development – 39 minutes

In this video, Chad Chancellor explains why economic development is important, reviews what terminology economic development staff members need to know (such as what the alphabet soup of economic development terms like CDBG mean), details why staff members must keep items confidential and stay out of politics, and reveals how to be a good team member.

2. Keeping Your Inventory Up To Date – 54 minutes

In this video, Chad Chancellor reviews the inventory economic development staff members need to keep updated in order to make the chief economic developer’s job easier and discusses what is important to know in each of the following items:

  • Buildings
  • Sites
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • High Speed Internet
  • Labor
  • Incentives
  • Taxes
  • Etc.

3. Fundamentals of BRE – 30 minutes

In this video, Chad Chancellor details why BRE is the most important fundamental of economic development:

  • Primary objective of a good BRE program
  • Secondary objective of a good BRE program
  • Survey method BRE program
  • Continuous relationship model BRE program
  • Tips on what to ask when visiting an existing business

4. Completing RFIs & Hosting Prospect Visits – 59 minutes

In this video, Chad Chancellor reviews how to keep your community from being eliminated in an RFI:

  • How to answer RFI questions by weaving stories into them via data which will sell your community
  • Maps and images which sell
  • Details of what not to do in an RFI
  • Checklist for items to attend to when hosting a prospect visit.

5. Basics of Reading Financial Statements & Offering Incentives – 34 minutes

In this video, Chad teaches the basics of reading financial statements to know if a company is worthy of incentives:

  • Balance sheet- what is important
  • Profit & Loss statement- what is important
  • Statement of Cash Flows- what is important
  • Financial ratios to look for
  • Statutory vs. non-statutory incentives

6. Glossary of Economic Development Terms – 41 minutes

In this video, Chad goes over basic economic development terms that anyone working in economic development should know. Some examples include:

  • Assessed Valuation
  • Backhaul
  • CDFI
  • Economic Leakage
  • Industrial Development Bonds

7. Hosting Prospect Visits and Building a Prospect Team – 24 minutes

In this video, Chad explains the importance of building a good prosepect team and how to host a prospect visit:

  • Who should a prospect team include?
  • Prospect Visit Preparation
  • Demonstrating Hospitality/Etiquette

20-Minute Preview With Sample Clips of Each Course Above


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